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The Comic of Epic Proportions

...Because sometimes a little hilarity goes a long way

The Comic [of the Detroit Red Wings]
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The crazy drawings of an intense Wings fan

DISCLAIMER: I do not know any of the Detroit Red Wings personally. This is an unofficial comic created on the assumptions of crazy fans. The team knows nothing about this and if they somehow find it, good for them! <3

EDIT ABOUT THE DISCLAIMER [as of 1/25/10]: Both Jimmy Howard and Valtteri Filppula have been handed comics by me in person [proof is here and here]. Whether anything ever comes of it, I have no idea. So two of the Wings know it exists, but I'm sure they just read them and then threw it out. As long as they read it once, that's fine by me.

EDIT #2 ABOUT THE DISCLAIMER [as of 4/9/10]: I sent the Franzenmuth picture to Chris McCosky with the Detroit News. He said he would print it out and show it to Franzen, I quote: "He'll get a kick out of it!"

EDIT #3 ABOUT THE DISCLAIMER [as of 4/18/10]: Chris McCosky got back to me. I quote, "Hey, I finally got him a printout of your picture. He smiled. He didn't know what Frankenmuth was let alone Franzenmuth...silly Swede."

EDIT #4 [as of 7/12/10]: [man, there's a lot of edits] Puck Daddy at Yahoo Sports posted a link to Pavel Datsyuk in "A Case of Dangleitis". The Comic is slowly spreading. Brag that you've been a fan since the start. ;)

EDIT #5 AND VERY EPIC [as of 11/16/10]: I attended the Season Ticket Holder Open House and got to show Franzen the Franzenmuth picture I made. And I got it signed. You can read more about it RIGHT HERE.


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